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    Mr Midnight #32 When The Ghosts Went Mad

    Mr Midnight #32 When The Ghosts Went Mad

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    Turn off your lights, get ready for frights! When the clock strikes midnight and the moon's full and bright, it's time for dread and fear. For Mr. Midnight is here with two stories, double the danger and twice the terror! STORY ONE: Carson Chua is determined to make Karize Kiew scream for her life at a theme park called Weird World. But there's only one problem: They went there WHEN THE GHOSTS WENT MAD, and they'll be lucky if they leave alive! STORY #2: Gina Chan meets a cute guy when she's rollerblading in the park. But when she learns he's the King of The Other Realm, Gina tells her mysterious admirer to DROP DEAD, GORGEOUS.