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A Cup of Comfort, Classic Edition

A Cup of Comfort, Classic Edition

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Whether you are a new Cup of Comfort® reader or an avid follower of the series, you will truly enjoy this updated version of the book that started it all. A Cup of Comfort® Classic Edition revisits the stories that have warmed millions of hearts. Graced with several new moving stories, this book can inspire you as it has these and many more readers:

When everything seems crazy and negative, these uplifting stories are such a welcome respite. Everybody should take a few minutes here and there and read the stories to remind themselves of the good in the world.
-Amy E. Lively, Cincinnati, Ohio

The stories in this book are so nicely done, very uplifting and moving without being syrupy or sappy. A really encouraging read.
-Carman T., DeWitt, Michigan

Thank you for collecting such wonderful, heart-warming stories for the first Cup of Comfort® book. . . . I was so enchanted with the book.
-Sarah Khan, Stoke-on-Trent, England

A Cup of Comfort® Classic Edition promises to deliver you the same inspirational warmth everyone has come to love.